Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

New Beginnings, Again

Jan 18th, 2014

Down Time: 5 Weeks

  • Jin, Shepard, and Silver Sammy spend their time Initiating, increasing their magical potential, in the basement of Joe’s Boxing Gym, through research, ritual, and meditation. Jin and Sammy pool their resources and skills, along with a purchase of a Junior Magical Lodge Starter-Kit off of Amazon-Corp, and spend 6 days creating a Magical Lodge (Force 6) in the basement of Joe’s Boxing Gym.
  • Lovefist trains hard increasing her Magical attribute from 5 to 6 and increases her Adept Power: Improved Reflexes to level 2. She also gains 2 new eunuch initiates for a new total of three: Krok, Torque, and Jake.

Sprawl Events:

  • A gang war erupts between the Knife Riders (50) and the Rusted Stilettos (340). Knife Riders, now 25 in number, are currently being led by Big Poppa Pump and have had the Merlyns – a wizzer Go-Gang set upon them by the Stilletos.
  • The 2nd Mobile Fortress has left the sprawl. Only one remains based out of Touristville. It spends 50% of its time in the sprawl.
  • Jin and Shepard investigate the dead bodies that the shadow spirits described and find two locations. One a group of hermetic guardian mages and the other a group of toxic shamans.
  • Jin disappears for 2 days and returns, again, no memory of events.
    *Construction on Joseph’s Boxing Gym is nearly completed at it’s new location 3 blocks south of Touristville and well away from Stilleto territory.

Current Events

  • Silver Sammy and Jin investigate Julio, a cyber-armed fighter set to go against Lovefist in 10 days. Lovefist is up for accepting the fight once she learns enough about the Julio.
  • Silver Sammy is contacted by the O’malley’s and given 25,000 Nuyen to hire a team to extract/eliminate a hostage being held by the Knife Riders, no questions asked.
  • Shepard learns that the partner she allegedly murdered is still alive in a coma at the Seattle North-West Hospital and under special protection by Knight Errant should the criminal and fugitive known as Alice Cameron Shepard attempt to finish the job she started.
  • Jin and Shepard learn more about the mystery of the Rift and of the two opposed factions of mages and shamans operating there. Shepard discovers she is remembering more about the Rift as her contact with it increases. What part Jin and his memories play in the unfolding events has yet to be deciphered. Somehow the Shadow Doctor is involved.


Reliquary Reliquary

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