Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

A Boatload of Loot!

The party decided it would be beneficial to bring a rigger for the casino raid, so they hired a “hacker.” Satou, the hacker who responded, proved himself surprisingly useful in a fight by killing a group of ghouls, and he was very anti-gang, so he was accepted into the group. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a different type of hacker than the group expected, but then, you can never have enough guns, either.

Leaving the majority of their weapons behind, the group took position in the casino and waited for the Knife Riders to be ready. As soon as Big Poppa Pump gave them the signal to create a distraction, Jin sent out a massive mental command to everyone nearby, including Knife Riders and gamblers alike, to yell, “Knife Riders!” and attack the casino guards.

In the ensuing chaos, a mage revealed himself and summoned a spirit to attack. However, Sammy summoned a spirit, as well, then he and Jin controlled the casino guards to kill the mage. Meanwhile, Love Fists and the new hacker went below deck to steal the casino’s loot. The hacker made quick work of the first two Rusted Stilettos, but the third proved to be rather dangerous. He ascertained that he was fighting a losing battle as the rest of the party started to arrive, however, and lobbed a grenade into the getaway boat then dove into the water. Love Fists made an amazing grab and chucked the grenade out of the boat and into the water just in time, though, and the party made their escape in the boat.

Unfortunately for the hacker, Jin did not have enough time to make everyone invisible by the time the Knife Riders noticed them and drove up along side, telling him to stop the boat. Ignoring their commands, the hacker shot the tires out from under them and the party made their escape with the loot.

Once back at their hideaway, the party took a look at what loot they’d managed to get away with. A large part of it were drugs, which Jin assumed they would sell to get even more credits. Sammy also thought they could put at least a small amount of the drugs to use, but Shepard and Love Fists were adamant that the drugs be destroyed.

They attempted to explain to Jin why it was best to get the drugs off the streets, but he had difficulty understanding how the destruction of these drugs could possibly make a difference and why he should even care about the junkies of the sprawl. Love Fists had already set aside her share of the credits for Joe to rebuild his gym, so Jin asked if Shep would be willing to give up her share if he would acquiesce. She surprised him by saying she would, so the party destroyed the drugs and divided up her share amongst themselves.

That left Shep without much money, though, so Jin decided to pay her rent and they all moved into Joe’s new gym to help him financially get started. In turn, Joe decided to introduce Love Fists, Shep and Sammy to the resistance…


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