Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

Jin's Army

Curious whether the Toxic Mage I detected at the Knife Riders hideout might be useful as a source of information, I asked Shep and Love Fists if they would like to see if we can find and interrogate him. However, when we arrived at the old warehouse, there were no signs of life. Once inside, we found only death and destruction with magical signatures suggesting a mage (or mages) were responsible.

When we left the warehouse, a Toxic Spirit showed up and told me I needed to be at the Rift, so we decided to head there in search of answers next. Fully expecting a trap, instead we found a small band of young mages who had been recruited off the streets of the Sprawl to fight the evil Toxic Mages called the Forgotten Soldiers. One of them was even Sammy’s sister, who he had forgotten because of the Rift’s memory loss effects.

What’s more, I was the one who had recruited them! I had not been able to remember them because I have been erasing my memory to keep the Toxic Mages from learning their secrets.

As the memory loss is tied into the Rift’s natural effects, however, when I went down into the Rift again, I regained a certain amount of my memories. It seems the Toxic Mages have some sort of hold on me. I can’t entirely remember what happened, but the Dark One has apparently cursed me so they can take over my body, and unfortunately, I can only guess what atrocities they have caused me to commit when I black out.

I’ve trained my army as best I can, and now I’ve found them help from the wonderful friends I’ve made outside the Rift, but I don’t know how much longer I can personally stay in the fight. I don’t want to risk harming any of my friends again, so I have to find a way to break the Dark One’s hold on me, or become physically incapable of doing any harm before they can take me again. It goes against every fiber of my being, but I’d rather risk death than be the death of any more friends.


Reliquary mmillhollen

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