Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

More Recruits

Jin asks Shep and Love Fists, “What can you tell me about the resistance that Joe invited you to join, or at least meet?”

The Anarchs, a rarely heard of community-based resistance group that fights for the rights of sprawl-denizens, occasionally holds meetings at Joe’s. They haven’t invited us to any meetings yet, but Joe has introduced Shep and Love Fists to a couple of their members. They don’t say much though.

Jin continues, “Could you ask Joe more about them? There’s only so much that is safe to allow us to remember of the Rift and what we’ve learned, but it will have to be enough to remember the ongoing fight against the Toxic Mages and the potential need to find allies for it.”

Lacy responds, "Sure kid. Now that I’m in the boxing league and I’m not dead, I think we can stop worrying about money for the time being. If needed I’ll fight to get us by. We can start worrying about the mages.

As for the anarchs, I don’t know what their numbers are. I don’t think they’ll ally with us against these toxic mages (who no one but wizards care about or have heard of?). If they will, we need to give them something in return. Something they care about. It might be better if you or Shep ask Joe. We’re not seeing eye to eye lately."


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