Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

Not Every Prison Has Bars

ackbar_cop.jpgShep asked us to help her rescue someone from the Knight Errant forces holding him prisoner in a hospital downtown. I volunteered again without hesitation. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, and I realized it’s not just for the credits to buy my way out of this place. It’s not just the thrill of the power I can wield over people, either. This has all been giving me an increased feeling of control over my life. Even though I still have these blackouts, at least I don’t feel like I’m always at the mercy of the streets anymore. Now I can be the aggressor, the one in control, at least sometimes. And I keep getting stronger, more powerful. Maybe someday there won’t be anyone who can threaten me anymore.

But this job is for Shep, so I would help anyway. She’s helping me try to figure out who’s framing me, so it seems particularly fitting that I can help her with such a similar situation. She continues not to tell some of the others the truth of the situation, but that’s only smart thinking on her part. I kinda like the feeling of being trusted with something, anyway. Makes me want to be more than I have been somehow.

So we all went downtown in a cab then made our way by foot to the hospital. These people are so disconnected from the real world that I doubt they paid much attention to us, but I kept Shep and I hidden just the same. We encountered a spirit at the hospital that noticed me, but I learned I could manipulate its mind just like people.

Sammy found another patient who was laid out next to our target and said we were there to visit him. Then once we got there, Sammy and Satou just said it was a mistake and broke off to loot the pharmacy. We should be able to make some good money off those drugs, and Love Fists and Shep says they’re good drugs this time so we’ll be helping people in the sprawl with them.

Meanwhile, I got into the heads of the cops guarding the prisoner and got them to take him out the ER exit. Sounds like they were gonna kill him, so it’s a good thing we showed up when we did. I guess Sammy and Satou made some excuses about the drugs being for the prisoner, so they made out with quite a bit and caught up with us on the way out.

It got a bit dangerous once we were out loading him into the ambulance, tho. There were some cops that weren’t under my control who wanted to stop us, but Shep backed the ambulance into them and I turned them against each other. Satou and I had to kill the cop in the ambulance, though. He was becoming a liability and I think he was a bad cop, anyway. They tried chasing us, but we shut down their drones and I made the other cars get in their way. Love Fists used Shep’s fancy med set to stabilize the patient, so it looks like he’s gonna be OK.

A big flying copmobile thing showed up, though, so Shep had to break off to get them to chase her while the rest of us could get away. We managed to switch vehicles while I took out the cameras, so I don’t think they could track us anymore, but I haven’t heard from Shep yet. I hope she’s OK.


Reliquary mmillhollen

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