Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

Sucker Punch of Doom

Silver Sammy approached the others for assistance extracting a hostage being held by the Knife Riders, leaving out the bit about the mafia wanting the prisoner dead, for a share of the 25,000 Nuyen reward. Most were suspicious of his true motives, although Jin didn’t really seem to care what his motives were. Eventually, however, Sammy tongued them into submission and they began to form a plan.

They decided to use the hit that Big Poppa Pump had put on Love Fists and the unknown nature of Satou, the japanese guy who has been following them around but doesn’t have a character in the wiki, to draw the Knife Riders out of hiding. While recording the entire fight, the hacker made a run at Love Fists and hit her with a nasty surprise cyber sucker punch. The two returned blows back and forth, first fisting each other, then attempting to electrocute each other, until Satou finally both shot and then stabbed Love Fists in a rather convincing death scene.

Using the contact information for the hit and the video as evidence, Satou the hacker then left a message for Big Poppa Pump to come collect Love Fists and bring him his reward. Meanwhile, everyone attempted to heal up and prepare for the probable fight with the Knife Riders in order to extract the prisoner. Jin also decided he needed to watch Satou carefully. He was obviously both dangerous and an unknown (and therefore unpredictable), which made Jin nervous. He must be ready to be able to neutralize this newcomer, if necessary.


Reliquary mmillhollen

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