Lacy Miller - LoveFists

A street fighter trying to clean the ghetto one punch at a time


Lacy grew up in the tough streets on the inner city with her mother and no father. She kept to herself most of the time and helped her mother remain safe. After blossoming into a woman, her charming appearance did everything but help her. Unwanted advances by men were ignored, but then the gangs started picking interest in her. An ex-con named Joseph “The Saint” Arguille offered her to join his boxing ring to help defend herself and hide from bad elements. She did more than that, and quickly joined the competitive contests and rose through the ranks.

Unfortunately her new found fame in the ghetto caught the attention of the gangs one more time. One gang sent an up-and-coming pup to court her in the ring. His bloody face was the stuff of violent comedy that counters the boredom of having to stand on the street pushing drugs all day, and soon more “suitors” from rivaling gangs followed. One after another, they fell.

The comedy unfortunately ended, and beating her became a matter of pride. The pups were not getting it done, so a big bad wolf was sent. Big Poppa Pump of the Knife Riders was sent to the ring. But something primal awakened in Lacy that night, something that screamed survival and sent her over the edge. News of the disfigured face of Poppa Pump flew across town. In retaliation of his gang being sent to the bottom of the pecking order, he put a hit out on Lacy. $50K for bringing her alive and unharmed, $55K for bringing her alive and harmed, and $60K bounty on the head of anyone else who killed her.

Now Lacy is constantly on the run, being hunted by gang members and bounty hunters. One of them nearly got her, and she blanked out as she passed out from fear. She just woke up near a dumpster. In it, lay the bloody mess that remained of her assailant.

Lacy Miller - LoveFists

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