Satoh Tadanobu


A street samurai with a past he seems to be running from. He is of Japanese descent and came to Seattle about a year ago. He is always ready to bug out, prepared to drop whatever life he has at the drop of a hat, and is extremely reluctant to talk about why.

He is heavily modified, with cybereyes, lots of cyberware, and obvious cyberarms. The arms have guns and a blade built-in, and he seems to be quite proficient in their use, so much so that he even answers to the job description “hacker” (though it should be noted that his computer skills are only somewhat above average).

He has a fox spirit that follows him around and berates him at every available opportunity, though it does reluctantly assist in some tasks from time to time. Despite his heavily-modified nature, he appears as a beacon to astral vision.

Strangely, he often moves and fights with motions that seem similar to kabuki theater. This distinctive style stands out, but despite his need to disappear quickly whenever needed, he can’t seem to shake these mannerisms.


Satoh Tadanobu

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