Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

Where's Jin's?

It’s so quiet in here…

As far back as I can remember… or at least as far back as I could remember, I have always had an inner voice. A guide that helped me survive the dangers of the streets. And now He’s gone.

I know He was bad. As our two armies clashed and my friends risked their lives to help me end this war, I knew He was the enemy that I most needed to vanquish, that He was responsible for horrible things. But now that He’s gone, I can’t help but miss His presence. I know that He only ‘helped’ me because, as His vessel, my preservation was His own, but I could still rely on Him in that.

But I couldn’t go on living like that. Knowing that, at any moment, He might take control once more and hurt my friends. Even if it meant my own death, I had to end this, and thanks to my friends, I’m finally free. When my… I mean His… Lieutenant, the Shadow Doctor, said that killing him could end me, as well, I seized the chance. And as he obeyed me and died, I fell into darkness, as well.

But then my dear friend Shep, acting on instinct, held me into the Rift in an attempt to save me. And as the energy washed over me, it swept Him away. I could feel Him clawing at my mind, desperately clutching… trying to keep His hold, but He was pulled away. As a spirit, I just hope he’s not able to survive in there. Somehow, I have a feeling I might see Him again one day.

For now, though, I am alone with myself, whoever that is. My mind is fractured, scattered into hidden pockets, obscured by shadows. There’s still so much that I can’t remember, and then there’s the things that I can remember, but wish I couldn’t… and there’s the place that lies in the deepest, darkest shadows. I don’t dare go there. It terrifies me…

But in this deafening silence, I find some measure of peace. And as I wander, lost in my own mind, I can only find myself.

More Recruits

Jin asks Shep and Love Fists, “What can you tell me about the resistance that Joe invited you to join, or at least meet?”

The Anarchs, a rarely heard of community-based resistance group that fights for the rights of sprawl-denizens, occasionally holds meetings at Joe’s. They haven’t invited us to any meetings yet, but Joe has introduced Shep and Love Fists to a couple of their members. They don’t say much though.

Jin continues, “Could you ask Joe more about them? There’s only so much that is safe to allow us to remember of the Rift and what we’ve learned, but it will have to be enough to remember the ongoing fight against the Toxic Mages and the potential need to find allies for it.”

Lacy responds, "Sure kid. Now that I’m in the boxing league and I’m not dead, I think we can stop worrying about money for the time being. If needed I’ll fight to get us by. We can start worrying about the mages.

As for the anarchs, I don’t know what their numbers are. I don’t think they’ll ally with us against these toxic mages (who no one but wizards care about or have heard of?). If they will, we need to give them something in return. Something they care about. It might be better if you or Shep ask Joe. We’re not seeing eye to eye lately."

Jin's Army

Curious whether the Toxic Mage I detected at the Knife Riders hideout might be useful as a source of information, I asked Shep and Love Fists if they would like to see if we can find and interrogate him. However, when we arrived at the old warehouse, there were no signs of life. Once inside, we found only death and destruction with magical signatures suggesting a mage (or mages) were responsible.

When we left the warehouse, a Toxic Spirit showed up and told me I needed to be at the Rift, so we decided to head there in search of answers next. Fully expecting a trap, instead we found a small band of young mages who had been recruited off the streets of the Sprawl to fight the evil Toxic Mages called the Forgotten Soldiers. One of them was even Sammy’s sister, who he had forgotten because of the Rift’s memory loss effects.

What’s more, I was the one who had recruited them! I had not been able to remember them because I have been erasing my memory to keep the Toxic Mages from learning their secrets.

As the memory loss is tied into the Rift’s natural effects, however, when I went down into the Rift again, I regained a certain amount of my memories. It seems the Toxic Mages have some sort of hold on me. I can’t entirely remember what happened, but the Dark One has apparently cursed me so they can take over my body, and unfortunately, I can only guess what atrocities they have caused me to commit when I black out.

I’ve trained my army as best I can, and now I’ve found them help from the wonderful friends I’ve made outside the Rift, but I don’t know how much longer I can personally stay in the fight. I don’t want to risk harming any of my friends again, so I have to find a way to break the Dark One’s hold on me, or become physically incapable of doing any harm before they can take me again. It goes against every fiber of my being, but I’d rather risk death than be the death of any more friends.

Girl talk

At Joseph’s, shortly after arriving back from Downtown…

When Lovefists enters the room, Shepard pulls a chair over next to her and her unconscious partner. She nods at Lovefists, inviting her to take the seat. “You risked your life to help me back there. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that. I’m sorry I didn’t explain everything to you sooner – I had just gotten so used to hiding everything that I…”

Shepard shakes her head, looking down with an expression of shame. “I didn’t think I was going to make it back there. As I drove that ambulance onto the highway I started trying to prepare myself to… to die. And in that moment, I realized I wouldn’t get the chance to thank you for everything you’ve done. I hope you can forgive me for not being honest with you sooner, and I want you to know I will always have your back.”

A smile forms in Lacy’s face. She’s so glad to see Sheila… no, Sheppard, to see Sheppard well and healthy. She takes a moment to imagine how her life would have turned if she was killed. She doesn’t like what she sees in her mind, but she certainly likes what she sees in front of her.

“Don’t worry about it. We all have secrets. Some of them we just want to tell to the people we care about, but we are afraid of what might happen. We might put them in danger, or even drive them away from us.” Lacy was glad that she had not driven Sheppard away after she offered to kiss her, when Sheppard was finally back safe and sound with them in the van. “So there’s no need to apologize. It’s a new beginning for all of us, really. I would like you to get to know the real me, as now I know the real you, Sheppard. I’m Lacy. Lacy Miller. And I will also always have your back.”

The Resurrection

The group finally escapes and ends up in the Sprawl. Before they even get to make a plan to rescue Sheila, they see a flash news report about a car chase in downtown Touristville. The group demoralizes as they see the police persecution end up in the ambulance running over a fence into a precipice and exploding midair. The sight devastates Jin and LoveFists, and they remain quiet while the rest of the group discusses their next steps.

“Silver” Sam receives a call from his hacker. She had successfully injected fake video into the police computers and media communications to digitally remove the groups faces, and also injected some evidence about Sheppard, and activates a hidden tracking chip that Sheppard had. Eventually Sammy tells the very distraught group that they might still be able to find Sheppard by following the tracker, although it might be a trap. To expedite things, the group buys a car.

Meanwhile, Shepard is keeping his hostage police officer driving the patrol car to safety. They arrive to the meeting point, and have a chat about his involvement in her demise. Sheppard leaves him alive, but Satoh makes sure he doesn’t stay conscious. The group finally reunites and take off in the van.

A drunk Big Poppa Pump calls Satoh. He is furious since he recognizes him from the video and from the casino heist. Regardless, he offers some money for Lovefists. Jin scouts ahead in astral form as a precaution. He then summons spirits together with Sammy to prepare an assault, and turns everyone invisible.

The first assault on the lookouts is swift. Per Shepard‘s request, they use not lethal force, except for a troll who is too much of a threat. Afterwards, they find a casino worker that had almost foiled the escape plan. Apparently Big Poppa Pump had captured him after the heist and tortured him for a month, tearing out limbs. the group decides to kill him since he’s a liability to their identities.

Feeling content with the results of the attack, “Silver” Sam goes to visit his hacker friend to pay her with some love-making. Unfortunately, the Night Errand got to her first, tracking her back to the hospital. Sammy find her in a bloody mess, and now he must try to escape.

Jin's Reaction To Shep's Near-Death Experience

When I saw the news feed of Shep’s apparent fiery death, I was hit by a mix of emotions. I was sad, which surprised me. I’ve seen plenty of people die, that’s ‘life’ in the sprawl. But I also wasn’t surprised by it. Not just cuz it happens to most people who live as dangerously as her, but because she was such a nice person. People who try to do the right thing or put others before themselves usually become victims. Her death was just an affirmation of what I always suspected.

But then she was suddenly on the phone with Sammy and I was completely taken off guard. I mean, I was thrilled, but I also had to admit that perhaps looking out for others doesn’t necessarily leave you completely at the mercy of those who would take advantage of that. Maybe acting like a hero isn’t an automatic death sentence… maybe.


Lovefists had a hard time sleeping that night. It was not just the concussion that Satoh had given her on his unrelentless attack, but something else. She hoped she was recovered from that injury, the group had tended to her physical wounds immediately. Watching Satoh’s bounty hunter video though had made it hurt more. Her ego, and her soul. Was she really that unprepared for bigger prey? Satoh was half machine alright, but she would be fighting a half-machine to the death in a few days. Everyone had commended LoveFists about pulling her punches for the camera, but she had not been able to think straight throughout the whole ordeal. She had just acted on instinct. It had not been enough. I’m losing my edge. It made for a great video, though, she thought gloomily.

Sheila had asked her for help, and Lovefists had accepted readily. Sheila was like a fresh breath of air among the muck of the city. Like those fields that you see on those old movies on TV, the kind that no longer exists. She admired her for her moral ground, something sorely lacking in her life. It seemd to be rubbing off on Jin, too. Maybe Lovefists had been wrong about him, he might turn out OK. And it was likely due to Sheila’s influence.

Apparently Sheila had been in some trouble with the law before she arrived to the Sprawl. Lovefists believed she might have been lying about her identity, and might have been using Jin to assess the groups loyalty. Can’t blame her. This place is as bad as it gets. With luck, she’ll let me in on her old life. The real her. If this is like she acts when she’s acting, the real her must be an angel. Lovefists thought that maybe that applied to her too. Behind the tough exterior of a street fighter, Lacy Miller was still just a girl. She had given up on love. But was she right about that? Why had she been so glad that Sheila asked her to stay next to her during the infiltration on the hospital? The thought confused Lacy, and somewhat embarrassed her.

But soon enough reality broke down all of her dreams as it usually did. The infiltration was a bust. Well, a success of sorts. Lovefists was trapped inside a car going nowhere, and bullets heading her way. She couldn’t do anything. She wanted to punch that fucking cop-copter in it’s goddamn windshield face as they drove Sheila away from the group. The group did get the compromised cop out the the hospital mostly unharmed after a street resurrection, so that part of Sheila’s past is safe from harm. But now it seems Sheila is not.

God have mercy on them if they dare harm her.

Not Every Prison Has Bars

ackbar_cop.jpgShep asked us to help her rescue someone from the Knight Errant forces holding him prisoner in a hospital downtown. I volunteered again without hesitation. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, and I realized it’s not just for the credits to buy my way out of this place. It’s not just the thrill of the power I can wield over people, either. This has all been giving me an increased feeling of control over my life. Even though I still have these blackouts, at least I don’t feel like I’m always at the mercy of the streets anymore. Now I can be the aggressor, the one in control, at least sometimes. And I keep getting stronger, more powerful. Maybe someday there won’t be anyone who can threaten me anymore.

But this job is for Shep, so I would help anyway. She’s helping me try to figure out who’s framing me, so it seems particularly fitting that I can help her with such a similar situation. She continues not to tell some of the others the truth of the situation, but that’s only smart thinking on her part. I kinda like the feeling of being trusted with something, anyway. Makes me want to be more than I have been somehow.

So we all went downtown in a cab then made our way by foot to the hospital. These people are so disconnected from the real world that I doubt they paid much attention to us, but I kept Shep and I hidden just the same. We encountered a spirit at the hospital that noticed me, but I learned I could manipulate its mind just like people.

Sammy found another patient who was laid out next to our target and said we were there to visit him. Then once we got there, Sammy and Satou just said it was a mistake and broke off to loot the pharmacy. We should be able to make some good money off those drugs, and Love Fists and Shep says they’re good drugs this time so we’ll be helping people in the sprawl with them.

Meanwhile, I got into the heads of the cops guarding the prisoner and got them to take him out the ER exit. Sounds like they were gonna kill him, so it’s a good thing we showed up when we did. I guess Sammy and Satou made some excuses about the drugs being for the prisoner, so they made out with quite a bit and caught up with us on the way out.

It got a bit dangerous once we were out loading him into the ambulance, tho. There were some cops that weren’t under my control who wanted to stop us, but Shep backed the ambulance into them and I turned them against each other. Satou and I had to kill the cop in the ambulance, though. He was becoming a liability and I think he was a bad cop, anyway. They tried chasing us, but we shut down their drones and I made the other cars get in their way. Love Fists used Shep’s fancy med set to stabilize the patient, so it looks like he’s gonna be OK.

A big flying copmobile thing showed up, though, so Shep had to break off to get them to chase her while the rest of us could get away. We managed to switch vehicles while I took out the cameras, so I don’t think they could track us anymore, but I haven’t heard from Shep yet. I hope she’s OK.

Sucker Punch of Doom

Silver Sammy approached the others for assistance extracting a hostage being held by the Knife Riders, leaving out the bit about the mafia wanting the prisoner dead, for a share of the 25,000 Nuyen reward. Most were suspicious of his true motives, although Jin didn’t really seem to care what his motives were. Eventually, however, Sammy tongued them into submission and they began to form a plan.

They decided to use the hit that Big Poppa Pump had put on Love Fists and the unknown nature of Satou, the japanese guy who has been following them around but doesn’t have a character in the wiki, to draw the Knife Riders out of hiding. While recording the entire fight, the hacker made a run at Love Fists and hit her with a nasty surprise cyber sucker punch. The two returned blows back and forth, first fisting each other, then attempting to electrocute each other, until Satou finally both shot and then stabbed Love Fists in a rather convincing death scene.

Using the contact information for the hit and the video as evidence, Satou the hacker then left a message for Big Poppa Pump to come collect Love Fists and bring him his reward. Meanwhile, everyone attempted to heal up and prepare for the probable fight with the Knife Riders in order to extract the prisoner. Jin also decided he needed to watch Satou carefully. He was obviously both dangerous and an unknown (and therefore unpredictable), which made Jin nervous. He must be ready to be able to neutralize this newcomer, if necessary.

New Beginnings, Again
Jan 18th, 2014

Down Time: 5 Weeks

  • Jin, Shepard, and Silver Sammy spend their time Initiating, increasing their magical potential, in the basement of Joe’s Boxing Gym, through research, ritual, and meditation. Jin and Sammy pool their resources and skills, along with a purchase of a Junior Magical Lodge Starter-Kit off of Amazon-Corp, and spend 6 days creating a Magical Lodge (Force 6) in the basement of Joe’s Boxing Gym.
  • Lovefist trains hard increasing her Magical attribute from 5 to 6 and increases her Adept Power: Improved Reflexes to level 2. She also gains 2 new eunuch initiates for a new total of three: Krok, Torque, and Jake.

Sprawl Events:

  • A gang war erupts between the Knife Riders (50) and the Rusted Stilettos (340). Knife Riders, now 25 in number, are currently being led by Big Poppa Pump and have had the Merlyns – a wizzer Go-Gang set upon them by the Stilletos.
  • The 2nd Mobile Fortress has left the sprawl. Only one remains based out of Touristville. It spends 50% of its time in the sprawl.
  • Jin and Shepard investigate the dead bodies that the shadow spirits described and find two locations. One a group of hermetic guardian mages and the other a group of toxic shamans.
  • Jin disappears for 2 days and returns, again, no memory of events.
    *Construction on Joseph’s Boxing Gym is nearly completed at it’s new location 3 blocks south of Touristville and well away from Stilleto territory.

Current Events

  • Silver Sammy and Jin investigate Julio, a cyber-armed fighter set to go against Lovefist in 10 days. Lovefist is up for accepting the fight once she learns enough about the Julio.
  • Silver Sammy is contacted by the O’malley’s and given 25,000 Nuyen to hire a team to extract/eliminate a hostage being held by the Knife Riders, no questions asked.
  • Shepard learns that the partner she allegedly murdered is still alive in a coma at the Seattle North-West Hospital and under special protection by Knight Errant should the criminal and fugitive known as Alice Cameron Shepard attempt to finish the job she started.
  • Jin and Shepard learn more about the mystery of the Rift and of the two opposed factions of mages and shamans operating there. Shepard discovers she is remembering more about the Rift as her contact with it increases. What part Jin and his memories play in the unfolding events has yet to be deciphered. Somehow the Shadow Doctor is involved.

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