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Adversaries: Big Poppa Pump, Ghouls, Shadow Doctor, Knight Errant.

Contacts: Bunny Evette (hacker gal), Joseph “The Saint” Arguille, Guy, Mister Clean, Susan (soup kitchen).

Locations: The Pickled Fish, The Dead Drop.

Redmond Barrens: Glow City, Razor’s Edge, The Razor, Touristville.

Factions: 162’s, Anarchs, Crimson Crush, Knife Riders, Knight Errant, Lich-Lords, Lonestar, Mafia, Merlin’s, Rusted Stillettos, Seoulpa, Spiders, Yakuza.

Seattle Districts: Redmond Barrens.

Vehicles: Rover Model 2072 (Used)

Campaign Quotes:

Main Page

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