Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

Jin's Reaction To Shep's Near-Death Experience

When I saw the news feed of Shep’s apparent fiery death, I was hit by a mix of emotions. I was sad, which surprised me. I’ve seen plenty of people die, that’s ‘life’ in the sprawl. But I also wasn’t surprised by it. Not just cuz it happens to most people who live as dangerously as her, but because she was such a nice person. People who try to do the right thing or put others before themselves usually become victims. Her death was just an affirmation of what I always suspected.

But then she was suddenly on the phone with Sammy and I was completely taken off guard. I mean, I was thrilled, but I also had to admit that perhaps looking out for others doesn’t necessarily leave you completely at the mercy of those who would take advantage of that. Maybe acting like a hero isn’t an automatic death sentence… maybe.


Reliquary mmillhollen

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