Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

The Resurrection

The group finally escapes and ends up in the Sprawl. Before they even get to make a plan to rescue Sheila, they see a flash news report about a car chase in downtown Touristville. The group demoralizes as they see the police persecution end up in the ambulance running over a fence into a precipice and exploding midair. The sight devastates Jin and LoveFists, and they remain quiet while the rest of the group discusses their next steps.

“Silver” Sam receives a call from his hacker. She had successfully injected fake video into the police computers and media communications to digitally remove the groups faces, and also injected some evidence about Sheppard, and activates a hidden tracking chip that Sheppard had. Eventually Sammy tells the very distraught group that they might still be able to find Sheppard by following the tracker, although it might be a trap. To expedite things, the group buys a car.

Meanwhile, Shepard is keeping his hostage police officer driving the patrol car to safety. They arrive to the meeting point, and have a chat about his involvement in her demise. Sheppard leaves him alive, but Satoh makes sure he doesn’t stay conscious. The group finally reunites and take off in the van.

A drunk Big Poppa Pump calls Satoh. He is furious since he recognizes him from the video and from the casino heist. Regardless, he offers some money for Lovefists. Jin scouts ahead in astral form as a precaution. He then summons spirits together with Sammy to prepare an assault, and turns everyone invisible.

The first assault on the lookouts is swift. Per Shepard‘s request, they use not lethal force, except for a troll who is too much of a threat. Afterwards, they find a casino worker that had almost foiled the escape plan. Apparently Big Poppa Pump had captured him after the heist and tortured him for a month, tearing out limbs. the group decides to kill him since he’s a liability to their identities.

Feeling content with the results of the attack, “Silver” Sam goes to visit his hacker friend to pay her with some love-making. Unfortunately, the Night Errand got to her first, tracking her back to the hospital. Sammy find her in a bloody mess, and now he must try to escape.


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