Shadowrun: Razor's Edge

Where's Jin's?

It’s so quiet in here…

As far back as I can remember… or at least as far back as I could remember, I have always had an inner voice. A guide that helped me survive the dangers of the streets. And now He’s gone.

I know He was bad. As our two armies clashed and my friends risked their lives to help me end this war, I knew He was the enemy that I most needed to vanquish, that He was responsible for horrible things. But now that He’s gone, I can’t help but miss His presence. I know that He only ‘helped’ me because, as His vessel, my preservation was His own, but I could still rely on Him in that.

But I couldn’t go on living like that. Knowing that, at any moment, He might take control once more and hurt my friends. Even if it meant my own death, I had to end this, and thanks to my friends, I’m finally free. When my… I mean His… Lieutenant, the Shadow Doctor, said that killing him could end me, as well, I seized the chance. And as he obeyed me and died, I fell into darkness, as well.

But then my dear friend Shep, acting on instinct, held me into the Rift in an attempt to save me. And as the energy washed over me, it swept Him away. I could feel Him clawing at my mind, desperately clutching… trying to keep His hold, but He was pulled away. As a spirit, I just hope he’s not able to survive in there. Somehow, I have a feeling I might see Him again one day.

For now, though, I am alone with myself, whoever that is. My mind is fractured, scattered into hidden pockets, obscured by shadows. There’s still so much that I can’t remember, and then there’s the things that I can remember, but wish I couldn’t… and there’s the place that lies in the deepest, darkest shadows. I don’t dare go there. It terrifies me…

But in this deafening silence, I find some measure of peace. And as I wander, lost in my own mind, I can only find myself.


Reliquary mmillhollen

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