Seattle Sprawl: The Redmond Barrens

Welcome to the Sprawl!

Glow City
Razor’s Edge
The Razor

Endless miles of broken cityscape cluttered with refuse, destitute castaways, the SIN-less, and the worst society has to offer. If the ghouls or go-gangs don’t find you; starvation, thirst, disease, or exposure surely will. Where every inch of turf means blood, yours or other equally desperate souls.

Welcome to the Redmond Barrens chummer, don’t eat at Joe’s Stuffer Shack unless you’re not too particular where your meat comes from, stay out of Glow City unless you enjoy being irradiated, and steer clear of the Razor’s Edge. It has some of the highest traffic of the lowest of the low but it also has some of the meanest streets the sprawl has to offer.

Strange things are afoot in Redmond! Deadlier than usual and even less can be explained away by ganger violence, chop-shops, mutants, or ghouls. Watch your back chummer and you might just survive the night!

Seattle Sprawl: The Redmond Barrens

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